As a family founded company we have passion for our products, we care about our consumers, and we care about the environment. Superior product quality and durability is therefore our key priority. Mill offers consumers 5 years warranty for any Mill product from date of purchase by a consumer. For business customers, a warranty period of 2 years will apply.

Warranty terms

This warranty provides the customer with a right to, at Mill’s reasonable discretion, either repair or replacement of a defected product, or alternatively a refund.

The warranty only covers defects that originates from Mill. The customer will therefore not have a valid warranty claim if the defect is a result of circumstances such as the following:

  • Negligent use, misuse, neglect, or careless operation of the product not in accordance with the Mill user manual.
  • Defects caused by transport incurred outside Mill’s responsibility.
  • Normal wear and tear, including parts that might wear out over time as for example batteries for remote controls (if applicable), filters, tubes, and lamps for outdoor heating etc.
  • Damage because of use not in accordance with the rated power and Hz.
  • Damage caused by inadequate product maintenance.
  • Damage from electrical outages, power surges and/or weather.
  • Damage as the result of not installing or assembling the product in accordance with the Mill user manual.
  • Use of parts and accessories, i.e., filter, which are not official Mill certified components.
  • Repairs or alterations carried out by parties other than Mill or its authorized agents.
  • Minor deviations from the stated quality that are insignificant for the value and soundness of the product or deviations that the customer could reasonably expect.
  • Devices used with third-party software or equipment.
  • Software and connectivity issues due to local restrictions in accessing our cloud services.
  • Software and connectivity issues due to non-supported third-party devices.
  • App or cloud/online service downtime does not fall under warranty.
  • For business customers, a warranty period of 2 years will apply. 

Mill must provide evidence that the product’s damage has not existed when the product was sold to the customer within the first year after the purchase. 

For the avoidance of doubt, this warranty does not provide the customer or any third party with any right to damages, compensation nor price reduction of any kind. Mill will not have any obligation under this warranty to cover any losses incurred by the customer or any third party.

These warranty terms are only valid for customers, who purchase products through authorized Mill resellers. 

The customer’s rights and remedies pursuant to applicable mandatory law will not be limited nor affected by this warranty.

The seller will handle the warranty claim on behalf of Mill. To make a claim under this warranty, please follow the steps described below.

Claims process & required documentation

  1. Contact the Mill Authorised Reseller where you purchased the product. Bring your original receipt for the purchase, serial number of the product, and the faulty product.
  2. The Mill Authorised Reseller tests the product and evaluates if the claim is covered by the warranty.
  3. If the claim is covered by the warranty, the Mill Authorised Reseller, in accordance with instructions from Mill, decides whether to repair, replace or refund the product.